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Sunday, August 23, 2009


It is a secret but I am sharing it here! I have spent the day sewing my little granddaughter (Miss Olivia) a funny-looking primitive rag doll. I found one I loved from a fellow Etsyian but it was only 13 inches tall. I wanted a little larger one so Livy could play with her better. I got a newspaper and started making a pattern and I am really pleased with it so far. (She is naked at this point, but does have a heart!) It really wasn't hard, but WAS time consuming! (All day!) I don't know how the lady sells them for what she does! They are a bargain at her 28.00! Tomorrow I am going to work on making her a nice little dress and she will be finished and can be wrapped and put away. I feel overwhelmed right now with all the sewing! The more I sew, the more there is to sew!! Alex starts his Senior year Wednesday so I am taking a slight pause to get him started back in school. Today seemed like a break since I sewed something for my personal use rather than for Posh Pilfer! Check back tomorrow and maybe she will be dressed! :)

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Julie said...

She looks so great, Mom!! Adorable!