Friday, August 7, 2009

Bedroom Remodel with Board and Batten

Finally getting around to posting the bedroom remodeling project. We switched out hardware on our 25 year old bedroom set, put up some what I called Wainscoting but have learned from another blogger that it is officially a "Board & Batten" look... Who knew? I just know what I like! Clean and simple is my style. I made a new Duvet (clearance fabric for 2.00 a yard), European pillow shams, and framed some prints from our last vacation in Maine to lean on the ledge. We did install a new ceiling fan from Restoration Hardware, which was the biggest investment money-wise. Time-wise, definitely scraping, sanding, and painting the ceiling a nice smooth white was the winner! (It also made the biggest improvement!) We also added two new nightstand lamps by Verlix in aged bronze to match the ceiling fan. Simple.. All very simple & clean. If only ALL the rooms in the house were finished!


Julie said...

I think you should explain how you did it, Mom!! It was amazing.

Vivian said...

It IS amazing that you can take a plain wall and change it so much with so little! Totally different look!

LCDarling said...

Geez Louise! You ARE industrious (like your day of birth says!)