Sunday, August 16, 2009

Check it out!

This item was featured on Indie Spotting this month: (Ladybug Jacket)

Now granted, I submitted it :) but still it is fun to see something you made featured! It's on sale this week at my Etsy site.

Today's addition is a neon green elephant and here she is:

She is for sale and will soon be in a new home! :)


aka Brook Berg said...

Hey, Viv!
Darling jacket :), but the link to your store doesn't work for me. Has anyone else had trouble?

Vivian said...

Brook, it is working for me now, but wasn't a minute ago..?? For my Etsy shop (on the left side) you have to click on the black and for some reason, I always think I should click on the red..? I will have to mess with it (someday!) and change the colors a little. Anyway...HURRY... it is working now! I'm going to post my little "Dunny" I think they are called..?? In a little while. Funny looking little guys..!

Julie said...

The Indie Spotting link isn't working for me, Mom! I think it has an extra http://.

Vivian said...

Julie, I think I fixed it. Try it again! Oh, and "follow" me, for Pete's sake! Did you see dad's picture?

aka Brook Berg said...

It works now! Perfect :) You have so many cute things!