Friday, August 21, 2009

Ready for Fall

Yes, I am ready for the fireplace, chili, crisp fall air and an end to this heat! Here, where I live, in Charlotte, NC it is so hot this time of year. It is smothering! I always think I will really make the most of summer but recently I find myself staying in air conditioning and sort of waiting for cooler weather. My friends in Canada, PA, etc. wish the opposite! It is cooler there, already and the trees are already losing their leaves. Seems we are never quite content with the weather! I love fall and look forward to it every year but this year I am starting early! This is a shot of one of my favorite places to visit in the fall. New River Bridge .. google and read about how they built it someday. It is fascinating! Anyone else ready for fall, early?

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Donna said...

No, not ready yet! We didn't really have summer this year! I'm so not looking forward to the cold and snow again so soon that will follow!

I love your picture of New River Bridge and yes, fall does bring the fireplace and comfort food back into play. It is a beautiful time of year...