Monday, March 31, 2008

God was in it....

When I started this blog I was determined to keep it positive, but I either have to keep that goal or tell the truth! This has been a rough month! First my husband finished his radiation treatments (37 of them) for prostate cancer. He sailed through treatments but then had terrible trouble with urination for weeks afterwards. The Urologist wondered (outloud) if perhaps he had permanent bladder nerve damage. Of course he did not (the radiation doctor said he hasn't had a case like that in the last 30 years!) That resolved on a Wed. (he has been absolutely normal ever since).

Thursday I went into the hospital for "minor" outpatient knee surgery. I had a torn medial meniscus from jogging all my life, I think, and recently starting a couch to 5 K program after not being able to run for a period. Anyway, what started as a simple surgery quickly escalated into a full-fledged code! My BP dropped to 80/40 and I was given Atropine... then I was okay a short time and then went into V-tach which is life threatening! Evidently I had several episodes and they called a Cardiologist in. I am now home and wearing an event monitor to try and catch arrythmias, and will have a stress test when my knee heals enough. The knee is wonderful and healing so fast. I walked 2.5 miles today and did squats, weights, etc. without difficulty!

Hard to be positive with all that going on. God has been good to us with everything working out so well. Our wonderful Sunday School class brought meals over for a week. We ate things we never do (white flour, sugar, desserts, etc)! Now we are back to our non-processed, fresh foods, low carb, healthy way of eating. We feel better and seem to be losing weight, but of course I do have to cook!

Saturday we mounted a flat screen TV in our bedroom and we are trying to catch up on some random projects we had started around the house. I made a new Duvet for our bedroom (which we are remodeling). I had just scraped the popcorn stuff off the ceiling, sanded and painted it before all the drama! I have a new project to start ... My DGD a quilt for Christmas. That is one of so many I would like to finish by that time so I really need to get back to "normal" and get back into life!

I am so grateful to God for being with me and keeping me safe throughout the while ordeal. I am thankful that DH is fine and has made it through the treatments without any lasting damage. He will return for a new PSA level in May... We are praying!