Friday, November 9, 2007

Busy, Busy...

This should be my middle name! I spent an hour trying to resize and post a photo of myself (so I can later post quilt pictures, kids pictures, garden pictures...etc. ) Only to find out the site makes it fairly easy to just take a photo directly from the computer rather than have it hosted first! I always try to accomplish things the hard way, it seems.

Just tried Dr Oz's new green fresh drink. I liked it! Chock full of veggies. Then I followed it up with 3 peanut butter oatmeal cookies! I just wasn't full... LOL!

DGS's Christmas quilt is done. Snakes on a Quilt I call it (Snoozin' with Snakes" is the official title, I think). I didn't use triangles on a roll as I am always on a very strict budget and try to cut costs anyway I can! I will try to take a photo and post it later today.

DS has an allergy shot today and DH and I plan a quiet breakfast tomorrow at Panera Bread. We are awaiting results of the latest PSA. I drew it on Wed. and next Wed. we will get results. This one may dictate that he begin radiation treatments. (If it is still elevated). If you pray, please do. I am disappointed by my DS's recent disrespect and downright rudeness toward his parents. That has been a constant source of stress at a time when we really can't handle it. God is good and has given us much strength and courage to face each day.

I have purchased fabric to make my DMIL (who is the sweetest woman on earth) a quilt and oh how I would love to complete it by Christmas but I think that may be impossible! If I could just skip Thanksgiving I think I might make it! Remember the "Skipping Christmas" movie..... hummmmm.... Don't think my children would go for that! Gotta get busy...

Love to all who see, read, post, or pray,

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