Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Re-doing my bedroom...

Yes, I am re-doing my bedroom the HARD way! I am starting with the popcorn stuff on the ceiling and working down! I hate the job, but I also hate the dated popcorn stuff! I am presently dragging stuff out of the room and anticipate starting the job on Friday after an Ortho appt. Thursday night I need to take my son to hear a speaker at a local college speak on Evolution and Creation. (Extra Credit for Biology). The job is SO messy that I hesitate to start it until the appts are over for a week or so! It always takes me a week or so to get it done, sanded, painted, and the mess cleaned up! I have purchased a new ceiling fan (like one sold at Restoration Hardware). My son has had one like it for years and we have loved it. Then we have plans to mount the new HD TV (instead of sitting it on the chest where it is currently), over the dresser. We also plan to redo the wall behind the bed with wainscotting about 5 foot high (I love white moldings, built layer by layer... DH has done the windows, etc. all throughout the house). I have framed some photos we took on vacation in Maine last July to set, leaning against the wall on the ledge of the wainscotting. Haven't planned much further than that because I am determined to enjoy the spring/summer and not be doing 100 projects as I usually am!

We had a nice visit with my oldest son and my DIL and grandkids this past weekend. We took them Valentine's gifts and went out to eat at Red Bone Alley. Tyler had Sparks so he missed the dinner and we missed him, too! The oldest are now "polishing rocks" with their new rock polishing craft kit! I told them I wanted them to make me something and Tyler promised he would. (The kit comes with key chain, necklace, earring "hardware", etc. to make jewelry) We took Caleb a Bug-Making toy... lots of big plastic pieces to buile all sorts of critters. We hope they are having fun! They are enjoying their new home and have done a lot of work on it already. Christy has sewn curtains, painted, etc. They are planning a new patio and irrigation system. The area is very rural and restful! Makes me long for the country...

Took my daughter and her husband to the airport yesterday to fly to Greece for a week. It must be nice! This is their first trip to Greece, although they have been all over the world. I am praying for them to have a safe and fun trip.

I am planning some more quilts and would like to quilt at night throughout the summer . Sounds good to swim and be outside all day and quilt at night! LOL! Hopefully, DH will get a great report in May concerning his PSA. He is finishing up his last radiation treatments and is tolerating them well. God is great and mercyful!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you sent me a comment on my blog.... And I just wanted to thank you for trying to help me out. I think I'm figuring out why I've been acting like that. But I just wanted to tell you that its not that I don't like Christians.... because I think that its a good religion and all. I just don't like the ones who are hypocritical and think that I'm a bad person because I don't believe the same way they do.
Anyway, I would really like for us to be friends, and again, thank you for trying to help me out